Boat Club Rules

The following rules apply to all members of the Brooklands Boating Club and their invitees.



1. The member and any other guest invitee of the member will abide by the Brooklands Boating Club rules at all times.

2. Members will abide by the terms of any individual Licence Agreement at all times.


1. The members of the Brooklands Boating Club will:


1.1 Keep the road gate locked at all times.

1.2 Adhere to speed regulations displayed on the driveway.

1.3 Remove all personal rubbish from the club facilities or use the designated bin provided. Items prohibited for being disposed in bin provided include: Tyres, Concrete, Paint, Flammable Products, Gas Bottles, and any items causing significant odour.

1.4 Abide by the latest Boat Haul-out & Hardstand Storage Conditions

1.5 Treat all other member's property with respect.

1.6 Immediately report any damage of other member's property to the custodian and (where practicable or possible) to the member concerned.

1.7 Report any potential hazard to the nominated club custodian.

1.8 At all times act in a responsible and courteous manner having regard for the Facilities and other members.

1.9 Maintain (as a minimum) third party insurance policy on their vessel and provide confirmation of the same when requested to do so by the Brooklands Boating Club or the nominated club custodian.

1.10 Ensure that any member's vehicles parked at the Facilities do not block access to the boat ramp or other launching Facilities, hinder the ability for other vehicles and trailer to turn around, or block an existing parked vehicle or trailer.

2. Up to a maximum of two (2) vehicles belonging to a member of a moored vessel may be stored at the Facility overnight for up to a maximum of seven (7) nights. If a member wishes to store a vehicle longer than seven (7) nights then the member must notify in advance the Brooklands Boating Club or its nominated custodian and advise them of the intended length of stay. Each vehicle is to have a note left on dash including the vessel and owners name and a contact phone number.

3. Trailer boat members are allowed to store one (1) vehicle and trailer only at any time and this covers day time storage only. See Trailer Boat fees for overnight charges.

4. Any member wishing to store their vessels, trailers or other equipment at the Facility (either parked or on boat cradles) must obtain the consent of the Brooklands Boating Club or its nominated custodian prior to the commencement of said storage.

5. Members are expressly prohibited from operating any form of boat charters (either casually or permanently) from the Facility, unless permission to do so has been granted in writing.

6. All members are responsible for all damage to club property.


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