Boat Haulage Rules

Boat Haul-out & Hardstand Storage Conditions

In these conditions the Brooklands TMT Partnership is referred to as the Club and You being the Customer.


1. Charges - Charges are as per the 'Haul-Out' charges under the Fees tab of the website. The Club reserves the right to review the charges for the use of the Haul-out and Hard Storage area at any time giving 1 months’ notice. The Club may charge you the Haul-out Fee if you fail to turn up at the agreed time.

2. Haul-out Trailer - You agree to set up the haul-out trailer suitable for your boat & that it be held in a safe and stable condition at all times.

3. Payment
a. Haul out charges are to be paid upon Haul-out and re-launching.
b. Hardstand charges are due monthly and within seven days of invoice.

4. Overdue accounts - The Club reserves the right to charge for legal and collection costs on overdue accounts.

5. Living on Board- You must not live on board the craft, and must make sure that nobody else does.

6. Housekeeping- The work area around the craft must be kept tidy. No materials or rubbish are to be stored onsite. All waste is to be removed from site by you at the end of each day. Ground sheets and filter socks are to be laid down if any work is being done that will cause contamination. Any debris/waste material is to be collect and removed from site each day.

7. Nuisances - You or your invitees must not cause annoyance or disturbance to other occupiers of the Hard Storage area.

8. Visitors - it is Your responsibility to ensure that all invitees and tradespeople must comply with this agreement and any Club Rules

9. Compliance with Acts and Regulations- You must at all times comply with the requirements of the relevant Acts and Bylaws, such as the following (but not limited to) Auckland Council and its By-laws, the General Harbour Regulations 1968, the Marine Pollution Act 1974, the Water Recreation Regulations 1980, the Resource Management Act 1991, Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992, the Ships Registration Act 1992 (if applicable) and all other relevant authorities Act, Regulations and By-laws. In particular, you must not dispose of refuse or ships rubbish or pump bilge tanks into the harbour.

10. Insurance - You must keep the craft fully insured at all times. The insurance must cover against loss or damage by fire, storm, tempest, typhoon, Act of God, explosion, public liability, all other usual maritime risks, and any other risks the Club might require you to insure against.

11. Indemnity - You agree to indemnify and keep the Club indemnified against all claims, debts, or other liabilities arising out of this Agreement, or of any act of omission of you the Customer or your agents or employees or invitees or licenses. You specifically agree to indemnify the Club against any loss or damage to the Club property or to any craft in the precincts of the Club, or to any other property which is damaged as a result of you or your agents, employees, invitees or licenses acts or omissions. You hold blameless and without prejudice for any action or inaction by the landowners, club members & winch operator or their assistants.

12. General Safety Matters - The Club is committed to the safe operation of all aspects of the Club’s operation. You should report any matter that may have an impact on safety. You must report any accidents within the Club precincts.

13. Fire Fighting Equipment - You must ensure that the craft has adequate on-board fire prevention and fire fighting equipment.

14. Haul-out Operation Safety Matters - If there are any unusual features to the underwater design of your craft, or if you have any concerns as to the placement of the Haul-out trailer, you must notify the Haul-out operator. It is prohibited to have any persons on board the vessel at any other time during the Haul-out process. You must keep well clear of the Haul-out and the mobile cradle when they are operating.

15. Warning Signs - You must keep behind warning signs at all times and observe relevant written instructions and the instructions of the haul-out operator at all times.

16. Safety Limits - Some vessels may exceed the safety limits of the haul-out facilities due to weight, dimensions or other reasons. The Haul-out operator has the sole discretion to determine this. Any vessels which exceed safety limits will not be hauled in or out.


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